Well for starters, as mentioned previously, if anyone types your business name into Google whether it be your existing customers, your suppliers, or potential new customers that you want to attract, they will see your Google business profile displayed on the top right of the search engine very prominently. This is called the info pane and can be populated with all sorts of useful information for users.

If Google has pulled information from sources on the web, it might be your old business address and location. It might show you closed when you are open and potentially have reviews there that you have not responded to.

Ownership Means Management

You also run the risk of someone else claiming ownership of your profile if you haven’t. Not claiming and spending time to create a professional profile would be the equivalent of turning up on a dinner date in a suit you last wore 5 years ago. Optimising and populating your Google business profile is s great opportunity to create a fantastic first impression of your business.

Don’t Miss Any Opportunities For Business

We guarantee if you haven’t set up a Google My Business account and taken ownership of your Google Business Profile, you have missed opportunities and customers!

It has also been known for people to put reviews mistakenly on GMB listings on listings with a similar name. Potentially you could even have negative press out there about your business that’s not even accurate!

Control The Way Your Business Is Viewed

With just these factors in mind, it’s imperative that you claim your Google Business Profile by setting up your Google My Business account. This way you control the image your business is portraying on Google (The largest and most used search engine in the world!) It also allows you to communicate and engage with new and existing customers.

If you have a Google Business Profile and are not making the most of its many features, you’re not only missing out on localised enquiries, but you are also missing out on local SEO opportunities too.

GMB Boosts Local SEO

If you have an SEO agency running a local SEO campaign for you without working on your Google Business Profile then you really do need to review that! A well-optimised and active listing should be the cornerstone of any local SEO


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