Every single digital marketing campaign is designed and orchestrated to make money and generate an ROI (Return On Investment). If you’ve spent valuable time and money on a digital marketing campaign to generate new customers, you would do everything in your power to ensure the enquiries were converted into sales, wouldn’t you?

Sadly, this isn’t always what happens. You would be surprised to know how many calls go unanswered and don’t get returned and how many online enquiries get a slower than expected response.

Experience Counts For A Lot

Years of experience cold calling to build client bases for this digital marketing consultancy and other digital marketing agencies have shown us that even when calling from the same town, city or state, missed calls become exactly that.

Now we aren’t customers, we are suppliers but if you called 20 businesses and nobody picked up the phone, on average about 10% call you back. And we don’t leave messages as a company policy unless it’s for one of our customers.

We have often acted as intermediaries for our clients too. Calling them and advising about emails or messages that have come through various platforms and not yet been responded to.

A Clear Concise Strategy Is Key

Developing a clear strategy that is followed by all employees once an enquiry comes through to ensure a smooth process that turns that lead into a paying customer is essential. The lead coming through is just the first step toward a successful digital marketing campaign.

You will only realise the benefit of the investment in digital marketing once that lead turns into another happy customer for your business. Is there a set timeframe for following up on enquiries? A set number of times your business will follow up on the enquiry?

If you don’t have a clear lead response strategy the problem is your competitors might. If the buying experience is too complex, people lose interest and move on. There is always a good chance that people contact another company or two when making an enquiry about a product or service they are interested in, and you don’t want to lose business to your competition.

Clear And Simple Steps For Customers Work Best

The clearer and simpler the process that you want your potential clients to take and the easier you make it for them, the higher the chance that they take the action you want. A well-designed conversion-friendly website along with a fast lead response time will help you maximise the returns on your digital marketing investment.

It’s not always necessary to increase your digital marketing budget to generate more sales. Sometimes it’s a case of tightening up on processes to generate increases in sales from the traffic and enquiries you already have.

Testing And Measuring As You Go

A-B testing of your website and ad copy can also be very effective as can implementing better CTA’s (Calls To Actions) on your website. These give a helping hand to the person who has an interest in something your business provides and guides them smoothly along in their buying journey.

Our SEO Strategists and Google Ads managers are available to help your business generate more sales with proven digital marketing conversion strategies.

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