If you are on this website reading this, there is a good chance you are looking at us as an option for one or all our digital marketing services.  In most cases, we will be competing against another agency or two when it comes to winning your business.  So, let’s explore the main reasons why you should choose us to be your digital marketing partner.

Exemplary Customer Service

You will never contact us and not be able to speak directly to your campaign manager and point of contact or be told they are in a meeting.  When you need your digital marketing agency, you need them right away for any number of a million different reasons.  Precision Digital is a boutique agency comprised of only highly skilled and experienced digital marketing experts, we don’t waste time with pointless meetings or other nonsense, we are here to work, for you.  The very worst-case scenario if you contact us, is we are helping another client over the phone and will call you back as soon as we have finished.

Communication with our clients is very important to us and whether that communication is over the phone or in writing, you will always know what we are doing for your business and why.  You will receive accurate reporting on our work and regular updates on your campaigns with us.

Exceptional Results

While Precision Digital may be a relatively new name in the industry, our sales and campaign managers, SEO experts, Google Ads managers, Website Designers and content writers, to name but a few, have all been in the industry for at least a decade each and their skills combined are producing phenomenal results for every campaign we have.

Precision Digital did not come about by accident, it was put together and structured the way it is in order to produce the best value for money and highly successful digital marketing campaigns in the Australian marketplace today.

Speed Of Work Delivery

This applies to all the services we provide but let’s use a website build as an example here.  If you’ve paid good money to have a new website created or an old one rebuilt, the sooner this website is live and producing enquiries or at the very least, representing your business the right way, the better.  On average it takes us less than 4 weeks (if we are writing the content which we always recommend) to complete the entire website build from start to finish.  Within the following month, we are usually driving highly qualified leads through to the website we have built and helping our customers to generate sales to more than cover their initial investment.  In many agencies, you won’t even have seen a development link that will give you an idea of what your new website is going to look like in this timeframe.

Value For Money

Precision Digitals’ sales and technical experts all work from home instead of in expensive offices and we don’t have a large volume of employees of varying skill levels.  Just these huge cost-saving factors in business overheads alone allow us to be far more streamlined and efficient compared to any other agency.  This structure allows us to put more effort and work into every single campaign we are responsible for.  If our overheads are less, quite simply your budget stretches further and we can do a lot more, for a lot less!  Whatever level of investment you can put into your digital marketing, we will make it go further for quicker and better results.

No Long-Term Contracts, In Fact, No Contracts At All!

We don’t like contracts and especially not long-term ones.  We look at it like this, if we buy something and it exceeds our expectations and produces the desired results, we continue to buy, and our customers are no different in that respect.  If a client ever decided, they wanted to cancel our services all we would ask for is a 30-day notice period to cover the existing work already in play.

If you are ready to get serious with your digital marketing in order to reach your next set of business goals, get in touch now and let’s get started on what we can do to facilitate you.

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