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Website Design & Development

How we do it & What's included

Precision Digital provide high quality website design and development at very affordable rates for customers throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, The Hunter Region, Sydney, NSW, Australia wide and in the UK.

Our website designers are fast and efficient in producing websites designed to convert the traffic created by our Google Ads & SEO campaigns into enquiries and sales.

Your business website design is the most critical aspect of the user journey as it's what creates the first impression of your business as soon as a visitor lands on it.

Marketing efforts will fall short if your website lacks the professionalism and technical prowess that search engines and potential customers expect. Our website designers are experts in creating websites that generate enquiries and sales.

We specialise in designing websites for businesses that don’t have one and also sadly for other businesses who have had websites built that are not fit fur purpose.

In many cases we come across websites that are so poorly built with coding and other faults that it is more cost and time effective for us to rebuild them than try to work on badly built websites.

Our website designers speak to clients upon request for complex builds and to solve complex issues in web design as service to our valuable clients is always paramount.

For all website and digital marketing enquiries, contact us on 02 4063 0817.

Search Engine Friendly

With every website we build, we ensure it is fully compatible with search engines and structured in a way that enables both users and Google alike, to understand and process the content in the most efficient way possible.

Site Speed Optimization

For every 1 second extra that it takes to load your website, there's a 7% drop in conversions. We ensure your website loads under the 3 second benchmark as well as conforming to Google's core web vitals, to provide the best user experience possible to your potential customers.

Conversion Optimization

Most web agencies produce a one page design and settle on it. We however, always try and push the needle to see how much more leads or sales we can generate from producing multiple variations of a design and tweaking it to maximize ROI.

Landing Pages

Many companies and agencies alike make the mistake of sending paid targeted traffic to the home page of their website... We however, create landing pages, specifically developed to ensure the visitor converts into a lead/customer with little or no distraction whilst providing complete relevancy to the adverts utilized in a PPC campaign.

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You won't regret it... Our clients have never been happier!

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Web Design FAQ's

How much does a website cost?

Pricing can vary depending on the requirements, our team can build anything from a simple brochure website showcasing your services to an advanced eCommerce platform. Contact us today for a FREE quotation.

Are there any other costs for my website?

The main additional costs comes in the form of web hosting, at Precision Digital, we offer FULLY managed cloud hosting which means that not only do you get fast and secure hosting in the cloud, but it comes with web maintenance, security updates, site speed optimization and a bunch of other complimentary services that would cost you much more if you were to acquire these services individually.

Apart from hosting, other costs such ongoing web maintenance can vary, however our clients enjoy this as a complimentary service if they are hosted with us.

Depending on the website requirements, photos may also incur a cost if you cannot supply them yourself and wish to use stock photos, however there are alternatives by using royalty free photos.

How long does it take to build a website?

This answer not only depends on the requirements and overall size of the website but also on the agency carrying out the work. Everyone has their own methods and technology stack of creating websites. At Precision Digital, we have been creating websites for the last decade and are able to turn out websites with quality pretty rapidly.

From producing a simple 5-10 brochure website in less than a week, to taking several weeks developing an eCommerce platform with a few hundred products.

Contact us today to find out how long it will take us to build your website.

Who will own the website once its completed?

Unlike other agencies who may hold you to ransom over reasons such as intellectual property rights, or that the website is built on a platform that resides only with the agency in question. At Precision Digital we guarantee that once the website is completed it is owned the by client 100%, we provide a full back-up of the site and also assist in any migration required should you wish to move the website to another environment.

Do you redesign existing websites?

We find in a lot of cases our clients have poorly structured websites on outdated platforms that are not only visually lacking but are not search engine friendly. This is where we consult with the client to not only redesign the site but migrate it to another platform such as Wordpress, which is an industry leading CMS platform.

A redesign of the site is not only an opportunity to make it visually pleasing but to:

> Enhance the structure of the site so users and search engines can navigate and understand your sites content with ease.

> Improve the performance of the site, such as page loading times, site speed impacts not only users (especially on mobile devices) but also the ability for the site to appear favorably in search engine results.

> Create a better functioning website not only for users, but for administrators, so updating the site can be done with ease.

What about updating the website once it's been built?

Here we have several options available when it comes to updating your website.

> If you wish to update the website by yourself, we provide step by step video tutorials on how updating your website can be accomplished.

> With clients that give us the responsibility to update their site, we charge an hourly fee that can be discounted in bulk. If it becomes a regular occurrence of updates, we can also provide packages that would suit the clients budget.

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What happens when I require additional functionality to my website?

You'll be happy to hear that due to the flexibility of our platform, adding new features and functionality can be done with ease and wont cost you the earth!

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