Digital marketing is an essential component in any successful and profitable business in 2022. With a multitude of different platforms and choices, it can certainly be challenging to know where to start. A professional digital marketing agency should be able to consult with you to determine your business goals, profile your target market audience and then consider which digital marketing strategies will be the most efficient in reaching out to them.

Local SEO Is An Extremely Valuable Source Of Traffic

If you are a service area business, local SEO is a great way for your customers to find you when they need the services you provide. By improving your presence in the search engine rankings and utilising your Google business profile to its full potential, for a very reasonable flat monthly fee (while also avoiding the need to pay for every single click that leads to your website) you can generate excellent returns over time.

SEO Is A Long Term Strategy With A High ROI

Any form of SEO is a longer-term strategy that requires investment in time, money and resources before reaping significant rewards from improved organic search results. For something like a flash sale, SEO is unlikely to create the desired outcome of fast sales in a limited timeframe.

If you want new enquiries fast, as in the instance of the flash sale mentioned above, then Google Ads would be a great platform for your digital marketing.

Google Ads Are Immediate And Agile

A Google Ads (PPC) campaign will put your business directly in front of people who are already searching and interested in your products or services. Once a Google Ads professional has set up your campaign and conducted detailed research and analysis using Google’s paid search is the quickest way to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

Detailed and up-to-date knowledge of Google Ads management is essential if you want to maximise your advertising budget. Making bid adjustments based on campaign data, mining negative keywords, evaluating cheaper keyword opportunities, improving content to increase relevancy and improve quality scores and many other determining factors contribute to a successful Google Ads campaign.

Google Ads is all about conversions and achieving an ROI against your budget. However, if for any reason your ads aren’t converting then this becomes unsustainable, must be recognised quickly and alternative avenues of digital marketing should be pursued.

Work With Experts You Can Trust

With Precision Digital in your corner, we will ensure you have the most cost-effective and complete digital marketing solution that your budget will allow.

Whether it’s SEO, Google Ads or Google Business Profile Management, we will ensure you receive maximum value for money for every dollar you spend with us or direct to Google itself.

Even exceptional SEO strategies take time for you to see the real results. As with our client examples, although we can achieve page one rankings faster than almost anyone out there, this is just one metric used to track improvements and we class real results as enquiries and conversions. This is where our experienced Google Ads and Google business profile specialists earn their money by generating enquiries and sales fast.

Combine Your Digital Marketing To Compliment Each Other

We know from experience that the best and most successful digital marketing campaigns usually comprise a combination of great SEO, Google Ads and regular work on Google Business Profiles. Having a high-quality website design that has superior load times, easy navigation, engaging content and great calls to action, will also be an

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